Dad and Football

Blog Administrator’s Note:  Karen Karley wrote the post below.

I’m going to start this piece with a disclaimer. I am not a journalist nor is she  good at all the English rules but she has  a story to tell so here goes:

My father passed away 04/27/2014 and this really got me thinking Guest-bloggingabout so many things in life. The funny thing is I really don’t remember much about my childhood and what I do remember really isn’t great. This is why I wanted to write this piece.

When I think of my dad I could be angry about what he didn’t do right or how he was never really there but I choose to think about the positive thing he taught me, “Karen, you are a Georgia Bull Dog fan.” When I ask myself why that stuck with me or why I will fight you if you say something negative about my team I really guess that is my way of letting my dad know I loved him no matter what.

Truthfully, I don’t really remember much about him watching football just saying be a fan. I don’t watch football either but Georgia is still my tsaying that so well. Kind of funny in a strange way. I also went through a phase of being a Braves fan while trying to please my dad but quickly realized they can’t keep any good players. So I gave it up and has no need for loyalty  to them.

This points out,  that  we  have influences  in our  life by many things. For me, I will always remember my dad and football.


6 thoughts on “Dad and Football”

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    1. Thanks for your comment on my blog post. There are two ways to receive my new post. If you are a WordPress blogger you can follow my blog and my new post will show up in the reader section. Or you can visit my blog and click on the word FOLLOW on the left side of the blog, then provide your e-mail and you will receive an e-mail each time a new post is posted to my blog. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and commenting on this post.


  2. This post has really blessed me. Though I have not had the experience of losing either of my parents, I did have a scare with my dad 6 years ago last month. I shared this experience on my blog under the title “God’s NOT Dead”. I have, however, experienced the loss of most of my grand parents, and I took a great deal from them. Certainly, grief is a part of any loss, but if we believe in Jesus, He will give us peace that surpasses all understanding. My grand parents instilled value into my life. Things we did together still too This day come back to me as I visit different places. I am so sorry for your loss, and I will sincerely pray that God will consume you with the Peace that I spoke of. Thank you so much for posting this!


  3. Grief is not unlike being lost out at sea; waves of different emotions continuously crash over you and you feel as if the current will sweep you out even farther from what you once thought was normal. Grief sometimes manifests itself into something a lot darker. Sometimes it turns into something that makes you feel emotions you are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with, and the normal stages of grief can manifest into depression.

    I was fifty-one when my father died. I knew what loss and grief felt like before then – I lost my mother in May of 2008 only five years before my dad died and each before that, I lost my sister.. This time, however, my grief was a lot different; I was not sad all the time, as people expected me to be. I rarely cried and I stopped sleeping. I was up half the night, tossing and turning. I had to force myself to get out of bed every morning because I was exhausted and numb.

    Everyone around me thought I was coping so well because I became an amazing actor. I would plaster on a fake smile, go out with friends and continue l like I was fine. On the inside, however, I was crushed under the weight of my depression and constant numbness. Things that used to give me pleasure were now tasks that took what little energy I had away from me; I stopped writing and had to force myself to go out with friends to “keep up with appearances.” I stopped eating and lost weight – once again, I had to force myself to eat to keep everyone around me from thinking that there was something wrong.

    So hang in there Karen it does get better over time. I truly relate to what you are going through.


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