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Intrigued by the large number of Facebook Fan Pages for all types of blogs, I decided to create a Fan Page for my personal blog, Sports Buzz with Jame -MY TAKE ON SPORTS. My goal is a simple, one to develop a true connection with fans of my blog.

With some encouraging words from a good friend I started blogging  in October of last year after a long hiatus from any type of writing at all  combining two favorite things, my love for sports and my passion for writing.

My Fan Page is a place where people can find a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. In this case the common thread is Sports

Looking for a  True connection with blog Fans

The Fan Page  rolled out in  January of 2014. However, Its missing  that often visited feeling and  true connection with my fans who follow my blog. So please  stop by the  Fan Page to see what’s new, post a comment, ask a question or just to talk sports with  other fans

This is my very first blog and Fan Page. Looking  back on the experience it has been  an educational and rewarding experience with  a few bumps in the road along the way .  Sports blogging is one of the  more popular blogging topics on the  internet..All one needs to do is google sports blogs and wide variety blog  related to sports pop up.

Hope blog Fans will Like My Facebook Fan Page

I am a  former sports journalist who has made the move from newspapers to the sports blogging niche. I work behind the senses helping young journalist’s get published. My last article before becoming a blogger  published in my college alumni magazine.

Now that the readers have gotten to know a little  about me by reading this post I want you to like my Fan Page on Facebook . In return I want to get to know you and the  best way is to interact with  you, I will certainly give you the readers of my blog post a chance to know me so we can make a true connection,

As the blog deloveps… blogger shares a real life lesson with his audience

Life sometimes teaches us lessons that if the lesson does not kill us makes us stronger people. The transition for me into sports blogging

image Courtesy of Pixabay @ www,pixabay,com
image Courtesy of Pixabay @ www,pixabay,com

from sports journalism after a long hiatus from any type of writing at all has at times been a like a roller coaster ride at an amusement park with highs and lows. Although the two types of writing have some similarities and clear differences. Recently I learned a writing rule that will stay with me forever.

Although this rule about attribution and documenting your sources in writing is a very basic thing, I learned as a journalist. This rule was   not always applied  when I started my sports blog. Honestly I was in such a rush to build this amazing blog that tons of people would read, that I had for gotten two most basic rules of writing. It was not for ignoring  those two rules and not always  applying those rules in posts that cause my newly developed since October, sports blog to come tumbling down like a bulldozed house.

Two of my blog followers brought these blatant  errors to my attention. One via e-mail which I must say was quite embarrassing to receive since I knew better as an experience published sports writer. The e-mail and it’s words where like getting caught with my pants down in public by the school head master. The scrapping error was quickly brought  to my attention  and  all effected posts came down off my blog. In fact, all my posts came off this blog that I had created. The other blog follower brought the post  errors to my attention via a Facebook message. And again I dealt  with the issue by removing the posts in question.

It simple, if the posts is not correctly attributed and sourced then it does not belong on my blog or any blog out there for that matter.  Throughout media industry poor attribution and sourcing happens daily. That does not mean in any way that it alright because everybody may do it. In order keep your own integrity and the public’s trust in you as a creditable and good writer, it best to fix issues, like what I speak of, here right away once you gain the knowledge that an issue or problem exist.

I share this life blog event not to show you how stupid I was with my writing talent but to educate and tell you, so you do not make the same rookie blogging mistake that I did. Keep in mind while writing that, if you cannot attribute the source the information  on your blog and or writing then it best not to  included it in your writing at all until you can properly attribute and source it correctly. Better to play it safe than be sorry later like me.

Go forward from this point, I promise my readers and blog followers that I will definitely source and attribute every thing on my blog that needs such a reference, giving credit where credit is due.

Paying College Athletes Sends Wrong Message of Priorities

The discussion of whether or not to pay the college athlete has gone on for years now. Both sides of this argument present a good case of evidence for and against the payment of college athletes. However, the higher power of the NCAA  has decided not to pay the student-athletes. Mark Emmert, president of the NCAA made the decision, as stated  in   an ESPN article posted online.

President Emmert is looking for a way to resolve the financial needs of student-athletes.  Another ESPN article stated that a spokesman for Emmert and Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive  agreed on a review that would lead to athletes receiving the “full cost of attendance” A spokesman for Emmert said they where reviewing a plan that would meet the student-athletes needs without paying them. Emmert told an ESPN reporter that monetary awards such as $2000,000. to $500,000.per year per student for expenses such as transportation and clothing are possibilities.

My thought on paying student-athletes it is a bad decision to pay college athletes for all involved both school and the athletes. Play for pay in college athletics should never happen. A decision to pay the student-athlete would just create a bigger problem. It would  send the wrong message of priorities to the student-athletes.

During the 2013 college football season former Texas A&M

"" Johnny Rotten" got a slap on the wrist  by the NCAA for selling his  autography this past season. The allegation.  Photo Courtesy  of wiki Commons.
“” Johnny Rotten” got a slap on the wrist by the NCAA for selling his autography this past season. The allegation. Photo Courtesy of wiki Commons.

quarterback, Johnny Manziel brought the issue of paying college athletes back in the media spot light. when he signed some autographs.  .  The NCAA couldn’t prove Manziel was paid by memorabilia dealers to sign his own name on pictures of himself. They instead hit him because it was obvious that the thousands of items he autographed were certainly going to be sold. The decided gentility was he sat out the first-half of the Aggie game against Rice University.  What a joke of a penitently for the NCAA to hand down. It was like slapping Manziel on the hand and telling him now don’t do this again. Now I admit that once the NCAA knew about Manzeil’s issue, they had to do something. But I never expected them to do what they did do. The penitential came as a real shock. Then I thought what a joke on the NCAA’s part.

Now Manzeil is not by no means this first football to get into trouble over this kind of issue. Back when Reggie Bush played for the University of Southern California he was it with some NCAA infractions after he had departed for professional football. It was reported by the media that Bush had taken money off a USC booster during his time as a Trojan. It was also proven that people connected to the football program knew about what Bush had done. So in this case, Bush had return his Heisman Trophy that he had won. The USC football program was give a two year band from any bowl game appearance.  The Ohio State University notorious for receiving NCAA penitentiaries for different infractions or violations. This kind of issue is nothing new to the college sports scene. It just some players and schools get caught with their hands in the cookie jar and some do not.
When athletes attend a college or university he or she needs to realize that first priority is to do well in the classroom. Only then should they be allowed to play at game time. These athletes need to realize that a good education in society today can only be helpful to them. That their athletic careers will not last for ever no matter how much talent they have on the field or court. They will need a good education to fall back on when their athletic days are done.

College athletics is an optional activity for college students, not a need. So it makes no sense to pay a student-athlete for an optional college activity. So if you are an athlete on a college team you need to realize your there by your own personal choice. Paying college athletes would lead them to believe that sports is more important than academics. Although some athletes already the concept that sports is more important than an education already. That could be because they have dreams or ideas of playing professional sport after college. But the true reality is very few athletes go on to successful professional sports careers after college.

The argument that  football and basketball players bring revenue to the schools programs and there for should be paid for it, is a hard one for me to buy into. First both sports are teams sports. These teams may have players with athletic talent that stands out more than other players, which means, when the team wins, it wins as a team and a team effort was given for that win. Just like when teams goes down in defeat, the team was defeated because of team effort. So I don’t buy that any one player brings in all the revenue for his or her college team.

Many questions need to be answered before the NCAA would ever make payment of a  college athletes a reality. What pay scale do you use to decide what an individual athlete would be paid. The how do they put a value on athletic performance. How do you make these two decisions fair for both the school and athletes. These are all things that create problems for the issue of paying college athletes. These issues also makes it hard to find a fair solution to the problem.

If there ever comes a time when college jocks are paid for athletic performance its only logical to pay them after they have earned a degree. That way the student-athlete would have to work hard academically to earn money for playing sports. This way both school and athletes would be in a win-win situation and benefit from the  issue of paying student-athletes.

Hindsight Has Auburn Looking to Repeat as SEC Champions in 2014

Hindsight is 20/20 and in my case it seems to be especially true.

I have come to consider myself somewhat of an expert on Auburn Tiger Football — of course that’s what being an athlete and  being a sports reporter and editor will do for you.

The reason I say my hindsight is 20-20 is that I have been involved in

    AUBURN 2014 SCHEDULE Aug. 30 Arkansas  Sep. 6 San Jose State  Sep. 18 at Kansas State  Sep. 27 Louisiana Tech  Oct. 4 Louisiana State  Oct. 11 at Mississippi State  Oct. 25 South Carolina  Nov. 1 at Ole Miss  Nov. 8 Texas A&M  Nov. 15 at Georgia  Nov. 22 Samford  Nov. 29 at Alabama

Aug. 30 Arkansas
Sep. 6 San Jose State
Sep. 18 at Kansas State
Sep. 27 Louisiana Tech
Oct. 4 Louisiana State
Oct. 11 at Mississippi State
Oct. 25 South Carolina
Nov. 1 at Ole Miss
Nov. 8 Texas A&M
Nov. 15 at Georgia
Nov. 22 Samford
Nov. 29 at Alabama

athletics in some way or another since my days as a youth. Sports has always been a safe haven for me keeping out of trouble and a way from illegal activities that could give a person a criminal record, landed him in jail or even prison.

The Auburn Tigers staged a large turnaround in 2013, improvising from a 3–9 record in 2012  to a 12-1 record in 2013 Auburn is coached by Gus Malzahn , who was in his first season at Auburn. The Tigers began the season unranked and were picked to finish fifth in the SEC West in the SEC Media Poll.

The Tigers won their first three games out of the gate last season, before losing to Louisiana State University 21-35. The Tigers then won the last eight games of the regular season to move to an 11-1 record and a SEC West division title. Auburn’s regular season was capped off by two improbable victories:  The Prayer at Jordan-Here and Kick Bama Kick, (Chris Davis’)  109 yard kick return to beat the Tide and win the Iron Bowl

The Tigers led the nation in rushing (335.69 yards per game). Auburn’s rushing attack  led by Trre Mason, who rushed for 1,621 yards and 22 touchdowns. Wide receiver Sammie Coates had 38 catches for 841 yards and seven touchdowns, which was good enough to rank him second in the nation on yards per reception (21.3). Quarterback Nick Marshalll threw for 1,759 yards, 12 touchdowns and five interceptions. Marshall also ran for 1,023 yards and 11 touchdown.

Defensively, the Tigers  led by Dee Ford, who came into the game with 8.5 sacks. Auburn’s defense as a whole had allowed 24.0 points per game in the season.

The 2014 Auburn Tigers football team will debut some new, young talent this coming season and has several talented returning players who contributed to last year’s SEC Championship team.

But due to Nick Marshall Marijuana citation in July Head Coach Gus Malazhn will elevate Jeremey Johnson, rising sophomore to the starter quarterback for the Arkansas game. The Razorbacks will travel to Jordan-Here Stadium face the Tigers in their home-opener of the 2014 season.  Marshall will see action later in this game.

Marshall  theTigers quarterback  has spent the off-season working with Auburn’s offensive coordinator working on his passing game. He will need to improve at his passing game if the team wants to repeat as SEC Champions. It’s difficult  repeat as SEC champs and  if they improve their arterial  attack this season, they have a shot at repeating  as SEC champions but they must improve their air attack this season. But It will not be  Harder if Marshall’s not under center or if he  does not improve his passing gameMarshall is a Heisman Trophy  hopeful this season and on other award watch lists for his football talents. Look for him to improve his game and lead the squad to another great season.He is the face of the program this year and true leader on the field, who know how to manage the game.

After a 2013 miracle season and SEC Championship crown that featured the nation’s No. 1 rushing attack, Auburn is hoping to keep the momentum going on the ground, even after the departure of Heisman finalist and school record holder Mason.

With the Auburn electing to run the ball on 72 percent of their possessions last season, defenses will  focuse on shutting down the read-option game between  Marshall and his top running back, who will most likely be Corey Grant or Cameron Artis-Payne.

Gus Malzahn, told reporters that is when his offense is on the field, it will tip the scales.

“We led the country in rushing last year,” Malzahn said. “When you do that, defenses have to take some chances. We’ve got to do a better job this year of making them pay when they do take their chances.”

With the start of Auburn’s football season just weeks away there are five new recruits Tiger fans should keep an eye this season

Tre Williams a five-star recruit at linebacker could see action early at linebacker one of the thinnest spot on the Auburn roster,Williams is a former safty who has a lot of speed on the field and has experience making defensive calls.

At wide receiver D’Haqulle Williams is the top junior college recruit in the nation, Williams brings a physical presence to the receiving group that could use another one.

Defensive back Derrick Moncrief a Prattville alum, who has spent two the last two years at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, was recruited specifically for the Star position in Ellis Johnson’s defense. With that role filled by 5-foot-9, 204 pound play-maker Robenson Therezie a year ago,the 6-3, 226 pound Moncrief gives Auburn a bigger option at the position.

With  Mason early departure from the Auburn football program to enter the NFL draft the Tigers had a big hole to fill at his position. Artis-Payne and Corey Grant will return but Roc Thomas, named the Gatorade Player of the Year in the Alabama after rushing for 2,211 yards and 32 TD’s, could add some punch to that group.

Kamryn Pettway ran for 1,402 yards and 17 touchdowns at Prattville this fall, but the 230-pounder could carve himself out a role as a blocking back with the graduation of Jay Prosch.

It’s hard to imagine that the nation’s No. 1 ranked rushing offense will drop off much even though its two best players, Mason and Robinson, decided to leave early for the NFL. Coach Malzahn has a system in place that guarantees ground success and quarterback Nick Marshall knows how to work this scheme. Much of the credit has also been attributed to an outstanding offensive line. Led by center Reese Dismukes this unit should be considered the strength of the team.

The Tigers have not been well-equipped stop opposing passing attacks. Expect some improvements to take place with better experience playing a role. The BCS National Championship Game showed some great potential in improving this area. But with teams gunning for Auburn this time around this reason has to do more. No one on this entire defense made the All-SEC team. Both a new kicker er must be added this season.

 As I look forward to this fall, I am already   starting to make predictions about how this Tiger team will do. However, so as not to spoil it for the rest of you I will once again wait until after the season to let you know how right I was.

A Life Lession for Auburn Quarterback Nick Marshall

“He understands he made a mistake. He has been remorseful,” Malzahn said during an appearance on ESPN’s Numbers Never Lie. “Up until that point, he had been a model student, citizen, all of the above, but he made a mistake. He’s our quarterback. The quarterback is the face of our program, so he’ll have some things he’ll have to pay for. I have not decided that for sure right now, but it will be in a short period of time I’ll have that figured out.”

Gus Malahn – Head Football Coach – Auburn Tigers

Life sometimes teaches us lessons that if the lesson does not kill

Nick Marshall Auburn QB on many watch lists this year for athletic awards./Getty Image
Nick Marshall Auburn QB on many watch lists this year for athletic awards./Getty Image

us it makes us stronger people. Nick Marshall got caught on the other side of the law during a July traffic stop in Georgia. He  received a ticket for eight to nine grams of marijuana  when police pulled over his purple Dodge Charger for illegal window tint,  and  released him.

” I am aware of the situation that happened earlier today with Nick,” Head Coach Gus Malzahn said in a statement given  to the media.  “I’m very disappointed and I will address it with him accordingly”.

“He understands he made a mistake. He has been remorseful,” Malzahn said  during an appearance on ESPN’s Numbers Never Lie. “Up until that point, he had been a model student, citizen, all of the above, but he made a mistake. He’s our quarterback. The quarterback is the face of our program, so he’ll have some things he’ll have to pay for. I have not decided that for sure now, but it will be in a short period of time I’ll have that figured out.”

Passion of marijuana  of less than one ounce is  a misdemeanor under Georgia state law. Possession is  punishable by probation and a fine, which the court sets.



As the face of the Auburn football program heading into the 2014 season  Marshall made a huge mistake. As a role model for many young people and being in the national spot light under consideration for athletic awards his off the field incident  has already proved costly for the rising senior.

Some of the football related consequences for Marshall’s off the field action this summer rolled in just as the story went virile on the internet . He did not attend   2014 SEC Media Days as planned  in Hoover, Alabama, according to Auburn spokesperson Kirk Sampson.

Senior tight end C.J. Uzomah  attended in his place.

Anyway you look at it, using or possessing Pot is wrong. It can damage your brain and wreck your future going forward in life. This young college quarterback  needs to stop using marijuana and get back on the right path in life. He needs to also realize his actions have far-reaching impact on other people, as he serve as a leader on and off the field for the Auburn football program to many young kids who watch him play on Saturday afternoons.

The really sad thing about this drug possession citation is it may very well have lasting results on the Tigers football campaign in 2014. Marshall is old enough to know that pot is illegal in Georgia. He also knows  he should not be in possession of  this drug or using it.  It does not matter that he is a college football starter or  not. Marshall should have to follow the laws just like the rest of us. He should not receive any special treatment when it comes to marijuana or any illegal drugs. Although Marshall may not understand this so now, the best thing that could have happened is he got caught with the drugs. Now he can step up and be a man, facing the conquests that go along with his earlier actions.

If Mr. Marshall continues on the path of smoking the Devil’s weed he is subject to having his life and athletic career  come  tumbling down like a bulldozed house. So now that his drug use has come  to the light, it’s not too late for him to turn things around and get back on the correct path in his life.

As reported by USA Today in mid-July that Marshall’s mother paid his drug citation, so this means the legal aspect of his drug possession is over. He will not have to attend a court hearing on September 10. But he still faces consequences   and punishment  from Coach Malazahn.

Auburn’s drug policy  states that “voluntary disclosure of the use of a banned substance by the student athlete will be considered a positive drug test. However, the penalty in this situation will not include loss of playing time and is available only for the first drug offense.”

Under Auburn’s drug policy, the first penalty for a positive test for marijuana includes no loss of playing time, weekly testing and counseling sessions. A second positive test includes suspension for 50 percent of a team’s competitive season, and a third positive test results in being dismissed from athletic competition and athletic facticity

Gus Malzahn announced after the first practice of training camp on August 1, although the senior will play in Auburn’s season-opener, Marshall, will not start against Arkansas This means Jeremey Johnson, a raising sophomore will get the call to start for the Tigers.
Following a 3-9 season in 2012, Marshall led Auburn to a SEC title and within seconds of a BCS National Championship victory in his first season as quarterback.

Marshall threw for nearly 1,976 yards, rushed 1.068 and accounted for 26 touchdowns on his own.

His explosive 2013 season found the rising senior on a number of preseason Heisman watch lists as well as the Maxwell award watch list.