Competitive Cycling Wheels are Turn’n in Pullman Washington

The Sport of Competitive cycling is becoming more popular at the college level./Photo From Wikipedia.
The Sport of Competitive cycling is becoming more popular at the college level./Photo From Wikipedia.

For most people a bicycle is just transportation or some fun; it is much more , it’s a sport, a way of life. For members of the Washington State University club  cycling team it is a serous effort to keep the wheels turn in.

Ask someone what the most popular sport is in the world and chance are they will tell you soccer. Ask someone what the eleven most popular sport in the world is and the answers will probably be as varied as each person answer.

The truth is that the sport of cycling holds the eleven place ranking. Cycling in enjoys great popularity in Europe but to most Americans it remains an obscure sport. The LA Olympics payed   service to the sport’s popularity. Cycling was honored to be the opening event  of the games and not brought the USA its first gold medal but brought the sport needed exposure in this country.

Although many colleges and universities have cycling at the club level, there are only 13 full-fledged varsity cycling teams in the United States. These are teams that run under the auspices of the school’s athletic department and receive institutional support, including salaries for coaches and managers and a budget for travel and entry fees. Depending on the level of competition, (i.e., NCAA Division I, II, etc.) some even provide scholarships for student cyclist athletes.

There are only 13 USA Cycling-recognized varsity teams in the United States. Unlike cycling clubs, these teams are headed by licensed USA Cycling coaches and receive more funding from their respective schools. Not all have scholarships, but many do.

Washington State University has the only cycling completive team  in the Pacific Northwest You need to travel all the way to California before cycling becomes popular again as a college sport. The sport of cycling is a Club sport on the Pullman, Washington campus.

The Club has proven  successful since it was first establishes in the 1984-85 academic year. Currently some 35 members pay due to the club. Most are undergraduate but a smattering of faculty, graduate and high school students are also involved; The team is open to all interested person. Although co-ed., only one women is part of the club. The club is open to all individual who are interested.




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