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Activities to Do with Your Family

LightHeaded Beds

Children don’t need to participate in organized sports to reap the benefits of physical activities.  It’s recommended that everyone—both children and adults—be physically active for at least an hour a day.  Why not be active together?!  Choose activities that aren’t too strenuous and that both of you will enjoy.  I compiled a list of 10 fun things the whole family can do together!

1)      Walk or bike with your kids to and from school.

2)      Take them to a roller or ice rink.

3)      Sign up for a short fun run or a walk for charity.

4)      Walk the dog.  If you don’t have one borrow one from a friend or neighbor.

5)      Be active on the weekends.  Go to the playground, play Frisbee at the park, hike around a lake…anything really!

6)      Pay for play.  There are a lot of indoor climbing gyms (most of them have bouldering walls…

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