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Why Blog was Designed

Sports Buzz with Jame-MY TAKE ON SPORTS exists to look at sports issues from a deeper prospective than what we hear about on the surface from main stream sports media. In posts on this site we will get to the meat of the issues most widely talked about and hot sports issues in the world of sports. Getting to the root of the real issues in sports and providing fans with a new prospective on real hot button sports issues. The blog will chronicle some of the hottest topics in the sports world of today.

Who the Blog Serves

This blog gives fans a chance to feel free to link their opinions on sports topics. The blog post page works like sites like Facebook or Google+. It provides an interactive opportunity for sports fans to engage in conversation and express an opinion on a range of sports topics. If you have an opinion on sports  then this site is a must

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Michael Jordan

see blog for you. Think of this blog as a one stop blog, where sports junkies can get their daily fix. It offers a variety of sports. A  majority of the blogs on the internet based on my research focus on one sport or team. Even popular athletes in the sports world have their own blog and blog about their athletic careers and accomplishments in life.

This site produces interesting content with a refreshing prospective to keep readers and blog followers interested in  future posts. I do have a strong interest in how you (the readers) feel and what you think about this blog site. Also I am very open to any suggestions a reader or blog follower may have. To share your suggestions about anything to do with improving this site, just send an e-mail to my attention. All e-mail are  replied to within 48 hours of me receiving the e-mail.

Blog Creator

I  urge all followers and readers of my blog to link what you think under each post on the blog. Hope you enjoy this blog site, Now lets engage and get the conversation started. Since we haven’t met before, here’s the short version of who I am: I’m a country-living, Gatorade drinking, good book reading, Jesus-loving, brown-haired husband of a southern woman.  She is my true love and a devoted Christian, loves to read and is an ice tea drinking internet fan .

Don’t know about you, but it seems to cliché to say “happily married to the woman of my dreams for 6 years.” The truth is that I’m happier than I ever imagined possible and proud that we’re just two born again people who are constantly being fashioned into the image of God’s Son.
We claim our three furry critters as our fur babies. Don’t worry, we’re not those kind of weird pet owners. Okay, maybe we are. But just a little. At least we don’t count cows as our fur babies, right?
LicenseAttribution Some rights reserved by Celestine Chua
LicenseAttribution Some rights reserved by Celestine Chua

Sift through thoughts on athletics and the sports world at large. This is a forum for people to discuss the latest happenings in all different arenas. Get your fix of sports, from athlete profiles to commentary, right here.


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