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Clemson Is Not Scared of Alabama Heading Into National Championship

Courtesy of Wikimedia
Courtesy of Wikimedia

Clemson is a great team and I doubt anyone really believes they are scared of Bama. I’ve seen some fans on here, however, claiming Clemson’s schedule is superior to Bama’s. I will show you the absurdity of that claim with these facts. Keep in mind that FCS opponents were not included in the stats for Clemson or for Bama. Clemson’s opponents had an overall record of 92-73 (55.76%). Those same opponents had an average SOS of 36.64. Clemson beat 7 power five conference teams with a winning record and won 8 games over bowl eligible teams. Bama’s opponents had an overall record of 111-59 (65.

Tim Dutton, wow youre truly blind. That same Alabama team that lost to a 3 loss Ole Miss team at home? You want to call the ACC much softer, but the SEC has 3 losses to group of 5 teams this year, and all 3 of those teams played in bowl games.
As you want to say Clemson hasnt faced anyone the likes of Alabama, pretty sure you said that about Oklahoma, and we all see how that went, Alabama hasnt faced a beast like Clemson. Clemson is a truly 50/50 balanced team that can rip you apart in so many dimensions, these kids hit hard, Oklahoma summed it up for you, “those kids hit harder than anyone wave played, they want it more”. So tell me, when Clemson shuts down Henry like they have with every other running back this year, where will Alabama go.
Without a mobile qb to navigate the pocket, there is no true way.
Expect Coker to throw at least 3 interceptions, we forced 2 on a guy who had 5 all year, whom is much better than Coker and has better wide receivers.
Yes, they have ridley, but look at the body of work Mackensie Alexander has dealt all year, he hasn’t  fallowed a single TD on his watch or a WR to have a 100 yard game.
Alabama will stop Clemson at times, but Clemson will be able to do more because of the balance and the variety that they have. We had 2 players rush for more than Henry did all game last game and had the same amount of tds. Unlike Alabama, Clemson can sell out on the run 70% of the time because of how good Clemson’s secondary is, unlike Mich State, in which there weakness all year was the down field pass. That’s not a weakness here. We posses a top pass and rush D, I know Alabama does as well, but their qb will not be able to keep up with Watson.
Talk about the ACC as lowly as you want, but they say the same thing about Bama every year. So tell me, what has Bama done the last 2 years in post season play? Your own true argument against the ACC in your entire statement was having to dig deeper in the past to make it look better.
The ACC is making a statement, and if Clemson wins, that would mean the ACC has won 2 of the last 3 with 2 different teams. The SEC just has Bama, every year the rest of the teams are over hyped and put in the top 10 and by years end they are nowhere to be seen. There is no blindness in who we are, and unlike most of the teams in the SEC, the ACC truly proves itself that the team that is there belongs there. 4 top 10 victories to your messily 1, to a team that needed 2 miracles to be where it was.