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Auburn Dominating The Recruiting Scene While Country Laughs

 It is strange. While everybody is laughing at Auburn and poking fun all over the country, all Auburn has done is go out there and dominate the recruiting scene.
There is a chance Auburn will pick up   another five-star athlete  and few more four stars before all is said and done. On top of that, there are a bunch of “Early Enrollment” kids in the class too.
They will be much more ahead starting in January than August. I will say this: people everywhere including a bunch of Auburn fans as well expect Auburn to crash and burn. They think Auburn has no shot to be any good.
For one thing, Auburn was highly competitive in all but one game. Yet another, Auburn has absolutely no expectations of succeeding this coming season.
You guys got what you wanted so badly. You hate expectations. Well, they are gone now. Enjoy it folks you wanted it bad enough this season so have fun with a complete off-season of absolutely positively no expectations at all. You guys enjoying that?
People everywhere including a bunch of Auburn fans as well expect Auburn to crash and burn.” That statement perfectly describes a small but very active contingent within the AU family although attitudes and outlooks seem to be improving. Just a few weeks ago, the sky had fallen since AU was only #19 (or whatever) in some silly recruiting rankings. Look at things now. “Auburn was highly competitive in all but one game.” Just a few plays here or there and this is, at worst, a 9-3 season in the SEC West.
Granted those plays weren’t made (for easily identifiable and therefore correctable reasons) and the result is an extremely frustrating 6-6. But things obviously aren’t as bad as some both within and without the Auburn faithful have contended. Much better days are ahead provided the necessary corrections .