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Dad and Football

Blog Administrator’s Note:  Karen Karley wrote the post below.

I’m going to start this piece with a disclaimer. I am not a journalist nor is she  good at all the English rules but she has  a story to tell so here goes:

My father passed away 04/27/2014 and this really got me thinking Guest-bloggingabout so many things in life. The funny thing is I really don’t remember much about my childhood and what I do remember really isn’t great. This is why I wanted to write this piece.

When I think of my dad I could be angry about what he didn’t do right or how he was never really there but I choose to think about the positive thing he taught me, “Karen, you are a Georgia Bull Dog fan.” When I ask myself why that stuck with me or why I will fight you if you say something negative about my team I really guess that is my way of letting my dad know I loved him no matter what.

Truthfully, I don’t really remember much about him watching football just saying be a fan. I don’t watch football either but Georgia is still my tsaying that so well. Kind of funny in a strange way. I also went through a phase of being a Braves fan while trying to please my dad but quickly realized they can’t keep any good players. So I gave it up and has no need for loyalty  to them.

This points out,  that  we  have influences  in our  life by many things. For me, I will always remember my dad and football.