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Fan Page Creator Looking for True Connection with fans

Promoting Facebook Fan Page

Intrigued by the large number of Facebook Fan Pages for all types of blogs, I decided to create a Fan Page for my personal blog, Sports Buzz with Jame -MY TAKE ON SPORTS. My goal is a simple, one to develop a true connection with fans of my blog.

With some encouraging words from a good friend I started blogging  in October of last year after a long hiatus from any type of writing at all  combining two favorite things, my love for sports and my passion for writing.

My Fan Page is a place where people can find a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. In this case the common thread is Sports

Looking for a  True connection with blog Fans

The Fan Page  rolled out in  January of 2014. However, Its missing  that often visited feeling and  true connection with my fans who follow my blog. So please  stop by the  Fan Page to see what’s new, post a comment, ask a question or just to talk sports with  other fans

This is my very first blog and Fan Page. Looking  back on the experience it has been  an educational and rewarding experience with  a few bumps in the road along the way .  Sports blogging is one of the  more popular blogging topics on the  internet..All one needs to do is google sports blogs and wide variety blog  related to sports pop up.

Hope blog Fans will Like My Facebook Fan Page

I am a  former sports journalist who has made the move from newspapers to the sports blogging niche. I work behind the senses helping young journalist’s get published. My last article before becoming a blogger  published in my college alumni magazine.

Now that the readers have gotten to know a little  about me by reading this post I want you to like my Fan Page on Facebook . In return I want to get to know you and the  best way is to interact with  you, I will certainly give you the readers of my blog post a chance to know me so we can make a true connection,