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Mark Richt Dismissed As Head Coach At Georgia


Mark Richt in May 2008./Photo from Wikipedia.
Mark Richt in May 2008./Photo from Wikipedia.

Say what you will about Richt, but he deserved better than a firing. The man did more for Georgia than anyone not named Herschel Walker, and for him to not even get the Frank Beamer or Les Miles treatment is a disgrace to the University of Georgia. I expected him to be gone, but not like this. Not tasteful in the slightest.

“I will say this, if and when I do coach again, I am looking forward to coaching again, in terms of being more hands on. I miss coaching quarterbacks, I miss calling plays. Whether it is in the role of head coach, coordinator, quarterbacks coach, whatever it is, if in fact I choose to do that, I would be really excited about coaching QB’s again and getting in the middle of offensive strategy.”-Mark Richt at today’s press conference discussing his firing.

This is unnerving to hear as a Georgia fan. This year was the perfect opportunity for Mark Richt to call plays, get more hands on with the quarterbacks, etc. And he decided not to. Here’s what will happen, in my opinion:

Richt will be hired as the next head coach at Miami, despite his past insistence that UGA would be his one and only coaching stop. And it’s all because of how this was handled by Greg McGarity, an embarrassment of an athletic director. It sure is sad to see Richt depart Georgia after a 9-3 record┬ábecause what some say, he could not win the big games like Alabama and Florida