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Paying College Athletes Sends Wrong Message of Priorities

The discussion of whether or not to pay the college athlete has gone on for years now. Both sides of this argument present a good case of evidence for and against the payment of college athletes. However, the higher power of the NCAA  has decided not to pay the student-athletes. Mark Emmert, president of the NCAA made the decision, as stated  in   an ESPN article posted online.

President Emmert is looking for a way to resolve the financial needs of student-athletes.  Another ESPN article stated that a spokesman for Emmert and Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive  agreed on a review that would lead to athletes receiving the “full cost of attendance” A spokesman for Emmert said they where reviewing a plan that would meet the student-athletes needs without paying them. Emmert told an ESPN reporter that monetary awards such as $2000,000. to $500,000.per year per student for expenses such as transportation and clothing are possibilities.

My thought on paying student-athletes it is a bad decision to pay college athletes for all involved both school and the athletes. Play for pay in college athletics should never happen. A decision to pay the student-athlete would just create a bigger problem. It would  send the wrong message of priorities to the student-athletes.

During the 2013 college football season former Texas A&M

"" Johnny Rotten" got a slap on the wrist  by the NCAA for selling his  autography this past season. The allegation.  Photo Courtesy  of wiki Commons.
“” Johnny Rotten” got a slap on the wrist by the NCAA for selling his autography this past season. The allegation. Photo Courtesy of wiki Commons.

quarterback, Johnny Manziel brought the issue of paying college athletes back in the media spot light. when he signed some autographs.  .  The NCAA couldn’t prove Manziel was paid by memorabilia dealers to sign his own name on pictures of himself. They instead hit him because it was obvious that the thousands of items he autographed were certainly going to be sold. The decided gentility was he sat out the first-half of the Aggie game against Rice University.  What a joke of a penitently for the NCAA to hand down. It was like slapping Manziel on the hand and telling him now don’t do this again. Now I admit that once the NCAA knew about Manzeil’s issue, they had to do something. But I never expected them to do what they did do. The penitential came as a real shock. Then I thought what a joke on the NCAA’s part.

Now Manzeil is not by no means this first football to get into trouble over this kind of issue. Back when Reggie Bush played for the University of Southern California he was it with some NCAA infractions after he had departed for professional football. It was reported by the media that Bush had taken money off a USC booster during his time as a Trojan. It was also proven that people connected to the football program knew about what Bush had done. So in this case, Bush had return his Heisman Trophy that he had won. The USC football program was give a two year band from any bowl game appearance.  The Ohio State University notorious for receiving NCAA penitentiaries for different infractions or violations. This kind of issue is nothing new to the college sports scene. It just some players and schools get caught with their hands in the cookie jar and some do not.
When athletes attend a college or university he or she needs to realize that first priority is to do well in the classroom. Only then should they be allowed to play at game time. These athletes need to realize that a good education in society today can only be helpful to them. That their athletic careers will not last for ever no matter how much talent they have on the field or court. They will need a good education to fall back on when their athletic days are done.

College athletics is an optional activity for college students, not a need. So it makes no sense to pay a student-athlete for an optional college activity. So if you are an athlete on a college team you need to realize your there by your own personal choice. Paying college athletes would lead them to believe that sports is more important than academics. Although some athletes already the concept that sports is more important than an education already. That could be because they have dreams or ideas of playing professional sport after college. But the true reality is very few athletes go on to successful professional sports careers after college.

The argument that  football and basketball players bring revenue to the schools programs and there for should be paid for it, is a hard one for me to buy into. First both sports are teams sports. These teams may have players with athletic talent that stands out more than other players, which means, when the team wins, it wins as a team and a team effort was given for that win. Just like when teams goes down in defeat, the team was defeated because of team effort. So I don’t buy that any one player brings in all the revenue for his or her college team.

Many questions need to be answered before the NCAA would ever make payment of a  college athletes a reality. What pay scale do you use to decide what an individual athlete would be paid. The how do they put a value on athletic performance. How do you make these two decisions fair for both the school and athletes. These are all things that create problems for the issue of paying college athletes. These issues also makes it hard to find a fair solution to the problem.

If there ever comes a time when college jocks are paid for athletic performance its only logical to pay them after they have earned a degree. That way the student-athlete would have to work hard academically to earn money for playing sports. This way both school and athletes would be in a win-win situation and benefit from the  issue of paying student-athletes.