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The Blog Evolves with a Totally New Makeover in 2014

Changing the look of your blog can be a real game changer. Free  Photo from www.pixabay.com. .
Changing the look of your blog can be a real game changer. Free Photo from http://www.pixabay.com. .

As the calendar changed into the month of February I came to the decision to make some fresh new changes to my personal blog, Sports Buzz with Jame-MY TAKE ON SPORTS  in order to grow my audience and drive more traffic to my blog.

The blog has been given a total makeover for starters. Pages were added to the site with menu buttons at the top of the page. My about page was rewritten and given the title Social Triggers, a different title than one might usually see on a blog.

Also added are some sports quotes and pictures to the newly titled Social Triggers page. This page simply explains why the blog exists, who the site targets and services. The page concludes with a short bio of  my family and myself.

A comment policy was also created and placed on the site along with a few pictures of well known sports athletes. This was to improve communication and increase posted comments. My internet research showed that every blog should have a comment policy in place.

Then the new WordPress theme Twenty-fourteen was added. Creating a magazine website with WordPress has never been easier.. This theme is flexible and views well on the android phone, I-phone, I-pad and internet.
On the social media side of things a Fan Page for the blog was made on facebook. This was to build a blog following or interest and drive traffic to the actual blog itself.
These changes where made to create more interest in the blog and generate more posted comments about each post. Changes in this blog will evolve as time rolls on. My creative mind will make whatever changes are needed to develop a strong blog following.